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Slick: Ruff Justice is an anthropomorphic, top-down, twin-stick shooter set in 1970's Kowloon.

The Story:

A new age of terror has invaded Hong Kong, and with it comes a dangerous new drug called 'Slick'. Lee Hol-Jing, an ex-cop, has followed it's trail to Kowloon, supported by his loyal partner Huan Huan. While pursuing the source of Slick, he finds himself lost in the confined walls of Kowloon City. Continuing his investigation, Lee Hol-Jing discovers an underworld dominated by gangs and filled with terrorized inhabitants.


  • Action-packed single-player story told through in game dialogue as well as graphic novel style cutscenes.
  • Unique camera switching mechanic from top-down to third-person.
  • 3 varied environments each made up of multiple levels.
  • 3 tough bosses to take on.
  • 3 deadly weapons, each with a unique mechanic.

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Created by Rainbite with assistance from Media Design School www.mediadesignschool.com

Install instructions

  1. Extract files from the .zip file
  2. Run Slick Ruff Justice.exe


Slick Ruff Justice.zip 165 MB


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This would be great to play on PS-Vita!